Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings, advice and reservations managed, provided, marketed, or sold by Hiking Trails Pty Ltd trading as ‘HikingJapan.com‘, ‘Hiking Trails Australia‘ and ‘Hiking Trails‘ acting as a “travel service”, “advisor” and/or “booking agent”;

  1. HikingJapan.com and Hiking Trails, and the HikingJapan.com and HikingTrails.com.au websites are trading names and websites of Hiking Trails Pty Ltd ACN 635 598 033, registered in Victoria, Australia.
  2. Hiking Trails may engage Third Party Operators and Services to deliver your booking.
  3. Accepting a quote and/or paying an amount towards your booking defaults acceptance of the Hiking Trails Pty Ltd Booking Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Booking Terms and Conditions and Cancellation and Change policies, restrictions, and fees of all Third Party Operators associated to your booking also apply in addition to Hiking Trails Pty Ltd Term and Conditions, and Booking Change and Cancellation Policy.
  5. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd acts as an ‘Agent’ for and not as the ‘Operator’ for walks in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. As such once a booking for these regions is confirmed all of the Operators own terms, conditions and policies will apply, and any change or cancellation requests should be made direct to the Operator.
  6. A Booking is considered accepted and confirmed once payment of an invoiced deposit or in full has been paid by the Customer to the Booking Agent.
  7. Customers travel at their own risk and Hiking Trails Pty Ltd and its Staff and Directors will not be responsible for any loss, damage, cost, expense, or injury suffered by Customers, or loss or damage to a Customer’s property.
  8. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd and their Staff and Directors will not be liable for any loss, damage or delay caused by or arising from any event beyond their control.
  9. Prices may vary from advertised pricing due to exchange rate fluctuations. All components are subject to availability at the time of booking and to Operator pricing at the time of booking. Prices vary with season, holidays, and demand.
  10. An “Operator” is any business that Hiking Trails Pty Ltd engage to deliver part of your booking in the region. This includes but is not limited to accommodation, local booking agents, travel service providers, travel support providers.
  11. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd work with local “Operators” to book and deliver this package and to provide local support if needed. Hiking Trails reserves the right to book components of your travel either directly or through existing agents/wholesalers.
  12. When components of your travel and / or hike are booked for you by Hiking Trails Pty Ltd with or through external operators such as but not limited to accommodation, meals, transfers or local support, these have been booked in good faith by Hiking Trails Pty Ltd for you, and Hiking Trails Pty Ltd should not be held accountable for the non-delivery of products or services for whatever reasons by these operators.
  13. Kumano Kodo Package bookings do not include local bus reservations or fares. These cannot be reserved in advance. See Local Buses for more information.
  14. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd is not liable for changes in local bus or train service schedules or routes. Where information on local buses or trains has been provided by Hiking Trails Pty Ltd this is as guide only, and these services are subject to change at any time. Similarly, local buses fill up with passengers on a first-served non-reserved basis, Hiking Trails does not warrant that any local bus service will have capacity for customers on any particular service.
  15. Prices exclude Australian GST unless specifically quoted and applicable and specified within your quote and invoice. For more information on the ATO policy in regard to GST and International Travel bookings click here.
  16. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd will not be held liable for any closures, cancellations, disruptions or otherwise to your travel plans including components of your travel specifically recommended, referred, managed or booked on your behalf by Hiking Trails due to weather, political or other events, force majeur, natural events or disaster, foreclosure, terrorism or other factors beyond our control.
  17. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd as the “Booking Agent” is not liable for any injury or loss to person or property in any way linked to the delivery of this booking.
  18. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd is a ‘service business’ and reserves the right to collect a booking commission and/or include a non itemised ‘booking fee’ in package pricing.
  19. Package Bookings are offered as ‘packages’ and Hiking Trails Pty Ltd may at their discretion choose to not disclose the financial breakdown of the components.
  20. Quotes are generally valid for one month from the time of submitting however Hiking Trails Pty Ltd reserves the right to update quotes up to the time of acceptance and payment being received in the event of significant exchange rate fluctuations.
  21. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd understands the seriousness and importance of dietary requirements and specific allergies providing risks for many guests, and whilst Hiking Trails makes every endeavour to cater for specific dietary requests and allergies, and select only accommodation and meal plan operators who agree that they can cater for your specific requests, Hiking Trails Pty Ltd should not be held accountable or liable for any reaction, omission, exposure or error on behalf of these third party operators beyond what could reasonably be expected in noting your request on the booking and selecting only operators who claim to be able to comply to these requests.
  22. Hiking by nature is a physical endurance activity in a mountain environment. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd makes no warranty in regard to a Customers physical preparedness or appropriate health, fitness, clothing, and equipment for completing booked walks. Information is readily available on the length and elevation of the daily walks.
  23. It is recommended that if you have past or current medical conditions or injuries, that may impair your ability to complete the walk or provide risk to you or your wellness, that you speak to your GP or medical professional prior to booking.
  24. Given cultural and language differences and the remoteness of many overseas walking and hiking adventures, Hiking Trails Pty Ltd recommends that guests with severe allergies or dietary restrictions consult their GP and/or Dietician prior to booking.
  25. Advice offered or given by Hiking Trails Pty Ltd in regard to travel is provided as an opinion only, and further research may at times be assumed of the customer.
  26. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd partners with Agencia de Viajes Oficial del Camino de Santiago to deliver Camino de Santiago self-guided hiking adventures for our guests.
  27. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd partners with Tanabe City Kumano Travel Bureau to deliver Kumano Kodo self-guided and guided walking tours.
  28. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd partners with the individual operators of the Great Walks of Australia to deliver each of the Australian walks for which Hiking Trails operates as an agent.
  29. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd may partner with any other local partner to deliver self-guided walking tours and services to guests for any other walking region or adventure.
  30. Adjustment Notes (Credit Notes) are valid for two years from the date of issue, and to the maximum dollar value issued, after which time they will be considered expired.
  31. Booking Cancellation and Booking Change Fees may apply.
  32. The Terms and Conditions of Hiking Trails Pty Ltd are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia unless otherwise specified above.

Booking Cancellation and Booking Change fees may apply in the event that bookings are changed or cancelled for any reason. For details of Hiking Trails Pty Ltd Booking Cancellation and Booking Change Policy, click here.

For further information or if you have questions please contact Hiking Trails Pty Ltd.

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